Should You Consider Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts are an eye disease in which cloudy spots form on the eyes’ lenses, causing blurred vision. While cataracts do sometimes gradually form as people age, in other instances they can form rapidly and cause serious vision problems. Specifically, cataracts can impede your eye’s ability to take in light. Here are some signs you should consider cataract surgery.

Vision: man looking through a lens

  • You Suffer from Blurred Vision

Although the cloudy spots that characterize cataracts can begin forming quite early, they don’t pose any problems until they start affecting your vision. If you notice that your vision is becoming blurry, this is a sign that you should consult with an ophthalmologist about cataract surgery . Blurry vision can decrease your quality of life and make everyday tasks difficult to perform. For example, you might find it difficult to stay productive at work. Reading street signs while you are driving may also become more difficult as your vision deteriorates. There is no way to correct cataracts without cataract surgery, so be sure to consult Dr. Mark Hornfeld to see if you are eligible for cataract surgery.

  • Your Doctor Recommends Surgery

When you first begin to notice clouding in your eyes, it is important to stay in constant contact with your doctor. If your doctor suggests surgery as a treatment option, this is obviously an important signal that you should indeed consider it. Having a doctor’s recommendation is important because not everyone is a candidate for cataract surgery. For example, if you have had previous eye conditions, your eyes could be unfit for a cataract operation.

If you suffer from cataracts and would like to explore surgery as a treatment option, call Mark Hornfeld at (212) 580-8881. Dr. Hornfeld is a New York City ophthalmologist with extensive experience in treating cataracts. In addition, he can help you correct your vision with the latest technology and most advanced treatment techniques.

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