An Overview of Phakic Intraocular Lenses

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision problem that often requires corrective eyewear to treat. In some cases, Lasik surgery may be able to correct the problem, but more and more ophthalmologists and patients are turning to Phakic intraocular lens implants , or IOLs, as an alternative to Lasik.

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What are Phakic IOLs?

Phakic IOLs are artificial lens implants that are similar in appearance and function to contact lenses. Your ophthalmologist may use Phakic IOLs to permanently correct a variety of common vision problems, including myopia.

Phakic IOLs are placed inside of the eye, either behind the iris or between the cornea and iris, creating the effect of contact lenses without the sensation or the maintenance. The surgery is similar to that used to treat cataracts, except that the natural lens is not removed during Phakic lens implant placement.

Why Choose Phakic IOLs?

Sometimes, a patient may be interested in corrective vision surgery, but is not a good candidate for Lasik surgery. Thin corneas and severe myopia may exclude patients from Lasik. Phakic IOLs offer a surgical option for permanent vision correction for these patients. In some instances, lens implants may be able to offer better results than Lasik surgery could, even if you are a candidate.

What Can I Expect from Phakic IOL Surgery?

Your ophthalmologist will numb your eye and create an incision for placement of the lens implants. The exact technique will depend on the IOLs you and your doctor have chosen. If the lens is rigid, you may require tiny stitches. If it is flexible, then you likely will not.

Patients often experience an immediate improvement in vision, though you should take it easy for the next day or two. Be sure to follow any instructions that your ophthalmologist has given you and keep your follow-up appointment.

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