Three Reasons to Eliminate Contact Lenses from Your Life with Laser Eye Surgery

If you are considering undergoing laser eye surgery , consider this: The LASIK surgery boasts higher satisfaction rates from patients than any other elective vision-correcting procedure. While undergoing an elective surgical procedure is not a decision to make lightly, there are many benefits of opting for laser eye surgery instead of sticking with contact lenses. Here are just a few of the benefits:

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  1. Say goodbye to cleaning and storing your lenses every night (or forgetting to). Many contact lens brands require a nightly ritual of removing, cleaning, and storing to keep the lenses and your eye health at their best. In the morning, contact lens wearers must reinsert the lenses. For many people, this can be an annoying and uncomfortable chore. Many other people simply forget to take out their contacts at night or for regular cleaning, which can lead to irritation, corneal damage, and other vision problems. If you opt for laser eye surgery, these bothersome tasks will happily become a distant memory.
  1. Contact lens discomfort can be a thing of the past. Getting an eyelash or a piece of dust caught under your contact lens can be extremely painful and maddening. Losing a contact lens is also a very frustrating event, especially if you are driving or doing some other activity that requires your full concentration, or if you forgot to pack an extra set of lenses. Even without these incidents occurring, contact lenses can present discomfort. Laser eye surgery patients experience very little discomfort during and after the procedure, and then feel as if they never had vision problems in the first place.
  1. Save money over the long term with laser eye surgery. Buying contacts and cleaning solution every six months adds up over the years. In the long run, undergoing laser eye surgery costs less money since you’ll never have to buy contacts and glasses again. Laser eye surgery also is a relatively pain-free and fast-healing procedure, so within a couple of weeks, you will forget you ever had the surgery in the first place – until you hear a friend complaining about contacts.

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