Cataract Surgery Aftercare Tips

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Cataracts , which form due to a clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens, can cause blurred and decreased vision. Using a lens implant, your ophthalmologist can restore your vision if it has been affected by cataracts. However, appropriate aftercare is necessary to receive the full benefits of this procedure. Continue reading to learn more about cataract surgery aftercare.

· Follow doctor’s orders

Your ophthalmologist will provide aftercare instructions to help you heal after surgery. You may be required to wear an eye patch following cataract surgery. If this is the case, keeping the eye patch on until your first post-operative appointment is essential.

· Avoid touching the surgical site

Unlike surgery on other parts of your body, cataract surgery requires no stiches. In fact, your eye is able to heal itself remarkably well. Although you do not have to worry about follow-up treatment for your incision, it is important to avoid touching the eye area after cataract surgery .

· Follow up with your ophthalmologist

Your first post-operative appointment for cataract surgery will occur the day after the procedure. Your ophthalmologist will check your vision to ensure that it is as clear as it should be, and test your eye pressure to be sure that it hasn’t increased. Secondary follow-up appointments are typically scheduled a week and a month later, but depend on how quickly the eye heals.

· Resume activities as directed

How quickly you can resume your daily activities depends on your ophthalmologist’s recommendations and your personal response to cataract surgery. Generally, you can return to normal activities the day after the procedure, as long as you do not participate in any heavy lifting. Speak with your ophthalmologist if you have an occupation that requires extreme physical exertion.

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