Intralase by Dr. Mark Hornfeld Is the Ideal Method for LASIK Eye Surgery

Individuals suffering from refractive errors have been able to take advantage of LASIK surgery for the past several years. Though this highly safe and effective procedure has provided clear vision for thousands of people, LASIK surgery experts have improved upon this procedure with the development of Intralase LASIK. Intralase LASIK provides a superior LASIK surgery experience by eliminating the need for the eye surgeon to use a blade and make an incision in the cornea. Those suffering from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism can reap extensive eyesight benefits from Intralase LASIK.

Eye anatomy - inner structure

Greater Precision

Intralase LASIK surgery provides a more accurate surgical procedure as a result of its precise computing technology. This system allows an ophthalmologist to map a patient’s eye with imaging software and administer treatment without manual error. This laser innovation allows the ophthalmologist to provide personalized treatment each and every time the Intralase LASIK surgery system is used.

Lower Chance of Complications

Because the risk of blade error and damage is removed with the Intralase LASIK surgery process , patients who undergo this procedure can enjoy effective results with a lower risk for complications. The majority of complications associated with LASIK surgery stem from blade activity, but the Intralase LASIK system can now provide a safer and more secure surgical experience.

Decreased Recovery Period

Along with increased precision and lessened surgical risks, Intralase LASIK allows patients to recover sooner from their procedure and enjoy their improved vision much sooner. Given these benefits of the Intralase LASIK surgery system, patients who have been diagnosed with a refractive error now have even more reasons to undergo this procedure and achieve the clear eyesight they’ve always wanted.

To find out if you are an eligible candidate for Intralase LASIK surgery, schedule a consultation with an ophthalmologist. Dr. Mark Hornfeld offers Intralase LASIK surgery for qualified patients in the greater NYC area. Don’t let your nearsightedness or farsightedness interfere with your quality of life. Call us at (212) 580-8881 to discuss your Intralase LASIK surgery options.

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