Get To Know Your Eyes With These Helpful Resources

Dr. Mark Hornfeld understands that a person’s vision is central to their everyday independence and quality of life. To ensure that you can enjoy clear eyesight, it’s essential that you attend regular visits to an ophthalmologist. These informative articles provide a great overview of the many vision-related issues an ophthalmologist can identify and treat.

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An important component of diabetes management is remaining attentive to one’s eye health. The American Diabetes Association discusses common eye complications that are associated with diabetes.

Find out more about caring for your eyes when you have diabetes with this guide from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Older individuals must be especially attentive to their vision. This article from the American Academy of Family Physicians elaborates on eyesight problems that affect the elderly .

Learn more about risk factors for cataracts by visiting this page from the Mayo Clinic.

Though cataracts are common among the elderly, individuals of all ages can develop them. The National Eye Institute offers a comprehensive look at what causes cataracts .

Dr. Mark Hornfeld offers expert eye care to residents of the greater NYC area. Our facility offers treatment for a wide array of vision problems, ranging from cataracts to glaucoma and refractive errors. To find out more about our ophthalmology services or to schedule an appointment, please call (212) 580-8881.

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