The Benefits of VISX Technology

VISX is at the cutting edge of laser eye surgery technology. Their lasers are the most popular among eye surgeons in the United States, thanks to their unparalleled accuracy. Dr. Mark Hornfeld of Vista Laser Vision uses VISX lasers for his surgical treatments so his patients get the best results possible. Here are just a few of the benefits of using VISX technology:


Precise Eye Movement Adjustments

One of the biggest challenges eye surgeons face when performing LASIK or other laser eye surgeries is eye movement. It is very difficult for patients to keep their eyes still for the entire procedure. Furthermore, the eyes move on their own when patients lay down for the procedure, so the eyes are in different positions than they were during the pre-surgical exam and scan. VISX lasers detect eye movement and make adjustments so that treatment is more precise.

Less Corneal Tissue Removal

During LASIK surgery , the cornea is cut back and some of the tissue is removed. Thanks to variable spot beam technology, surgeons can now remove less corneal tissue. This is because they can deliver more targeted treatment. The result is a lower risk of side effects, faster treatment times, and faster recoveries.

Iris Recognition

Each patient’s iris is so unique that some high-tech companies are using iris scans for security purposes. Some VISX lasers are equipped with similar technology that lets doctors recognize their patients’ unique irises so treatment can be as accurate as possible. The iris recognition software also detects if the patient sitting in front of the laser has the same irises as those on the treatment plan the surgeon is about to use. If the irises don’t match, the laser won’t function, removing operator error from the equation.

With VISX lasers on hand, you can feel confident about the results you’ll get from Dr. Mark Hornfeld . By combining Dr. Hornfeld’s expertise with the latest technology, Vista Laser Vision can offer some of the best eye care in New York. Make an appointment today by calling (212) 580-8881.

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