What Is Iris Registration And How Is It Beneficial in Laser Eye Surgery?

Your irises are like your fingerprints. They are completely unique to you. For LASIK surgeons, these differences in irises are useful—the more that an eye surgeon can tailor treatments to each patient, the better the outcomes. Iris registration technology makes this kind of personalized treatment in laser eye surgery easier. Here is what you need to know about it:

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What Is Iris Registration?

Iris registration is an exclusive hardware and software feature of the VISX Star S4 IR Excimer laser. This all-in-one laser device lets ophthalmologists take precise scans of their patients’ irises and save that information for targeted treatment. The wavelength scan captures an extremely detailed and precise picture of the iris that helps for both patient identification and better treatments plans.

What Are The Benefits of Iris Registration?

In LASIK surgeries, iris registration offers two benefits. The first is that it greatly reduces the risk of operator error. Before a LASIK surgeon can actually start using the laser, the machine will scan the iris of the patient to make sure it matches the iris registered for the treatment plan about to be used. If the irises don’t match, the laser won’t operate. This removes the risk of a surgeon performing a treatment that was meant for another patient.

The other benefit of iris registration with LASIK is accuracy. When patients have their initial eye scans before LASIK, they are sitting up. As they lay back to have the procedure performed, their eyes inevitably move. This means the actual treatment plan was made based on different positioning than is present during the surgery. With iris registration, the laser can automatically adjust to the new eye position, providing more accurate LASIK results.

Iris registration is one of the tools Dr. Mark Hornfeld uses at New York’s Vista Laser Vision to deliver excellent vision correction to his patients. You can schedule a consultation to learn more about laser vision correction, glaucoma treatment, or cataract treatment. Call (212) 580-8881 to set up your appointment.

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