What to Expect During Your LASIK Consultation with Dr. Mark Hornfeld

LASIK surgery is an innovative vision correction procedure which uses laser energy to reshape the corneal lens and treat a number of refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. A good way to determine if you can benefit from LASIK surgery is to consult with your New York City ophthalmologist. Continue reading to learn what you can expect from your initial LASIK consultation .


Patient Medical History Questionnaire

Your LASIK surgeon will have you complete a patient medical history questionnaire at the beginning of your appointment. This may include questions regarding your family history of disease, personal history of eye conditions, previous surgeries, current medications, and lifestyle factors.

Physical Examination

Once you have finished your questionnaire, you will meet with your ophthalmologist. After discussing the reasons for your visit and any symptoms you have, your eye doctor will perform a number of tests to assess the health of your eyes and determine your candidacy for surgery. During this exam, your eye doctor may evaluate the shape and thickness of your cornea , assess pupil size, determine the severity of refractive errors, and use a corneal topographer to measure the curvature of your cornea.

Discussion of Procedural Options

The last part of your LASIK consultation will usually include an in-depth discussion regarding the results of your eye exam and your potential treatment options. This is your time to ask questions, so be sure to talk to your doctor about the different types of LASIK available, how you should prepare for surgery, what you can expect during the procedure, and what changes you will need to make during the recovery period.

Are you ready to improve your vision? Whether you are interested in LASIK surgery, multifocal lens implants, or glaucoma treatment, Dr. Mark Hornfeld of Vista Laser Vision can help. Give our New York City office a call at (212) 580-8881 to schedule an appointment.

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