Featured Web Resources for Laser Vision Correction and Other Eye Health Care Tips from Dr. Mark Hornfeld

Here are some of the great websites we referred to in our most recent blog posts so you can follow up on laser eye surgery information, eye health tips, and more. Call Dr. Hornfeld’s New York office at (212) 580-8881 to make an appointment and improve your vision!

Contact Lens

Get more tips for choosing the right eyeglasses to suit you on this page from Oprah.com.

Read more information about laser eye surgery with this guide from Medline Plus. It also includes many helpful links on the subject.

Follow the top 10 tips for healthy eyes listed in this article from WebMD to help maintain your vision.

Read about the basics of laser eye surgery with this link to the Federal Trade Commission website. The page offers information on what to expect during the procedure.

Find out more about wavefront-guided surgery by reading this article from MedicineNet.com.

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