Wavefront Surgery: An Advancement of LASIK Surgery from Dr. Mark Hornfeld

Corrective vision surgery with laser technology has progressed quite a bit since LASIK was first introduced. These days, it is more customizable to each patient’s eyes. If you’re considering corrective surgery with a laser procedure, ask your ophthalmologist about wavefront surgery. VISX CustomVue laser surgery with wavefront technology can provide an individualized treatment to suit your needs.

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The Benefits

One of the primary benefits of using wavefront technology for your vision surgery is that it can provide sharper vision than correction with eyeglasses or contact lenses. The scanning system will not only evaluate your nearsightedness or farsightedness, but will also allow the ophthalmologist to view other imperfections. The Wavescan is 25 times more precise than other diagnostic tools.

The Procedures

For the laser vision procedure , you will look at a light which reflects off of the back of your eye. The pattern of reflected light creates a 3-D map, called a wavefront map, which depicts all of the minute details of the eye. Using a computer, the laser acquires this information and customizes the laser treatment to your eye’s unique requirements. Your ophthalmologist will then complete the treatment using the wavefront map for guidance.

The Candidates

Talk to your ophthalmologist about whether wavefront laser eye surgery is a good choice for you. It may be possible to use this technology for patients who have previously undergone laser surgery. Some of these patients have difficulty with night vision, glare, and vision distortion; wavefront technology can correct these issues. To determine if wavefront-guided surgery could benefit you, your ophthalmologist will “map” your eyes with the laser and evaluate possible results.

Are you considering laser corrective surgery with wavefront technology? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Hornfeld of New York City’s Vista Laser Vision by calling (212) 580-8881. Dr. Hornfeld is a leader in the field of laser corrective surgery and has trained other physicians in the use of new surgical techniques.

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