Find Out If Your Eye-Health Is At Risk By Reading Through These Links

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Schedule an eye exam or surgery consultation today with Dr. Mark Hornfeld. Call our NYC office at (212) 580-8881 or visit our website to read about our ophthalmic services. You could also read the following articles to learn more about eye health:

Dry eye syndrome can cause significant irritation. Read more about this condition, including the causes, at the American Optometric Association .

WebMD discusses why the eyes need tears for proper function, along with some treatment options your ophthalmologist might recommend.

Are you considering corrective vision surgery ? Learn more about the benefits of Intralase with this link to the manufacturer.

This link to the Mayo Clinic explores dry eyes further, with explanations about the common causes and lifestyle remedies .

Bausch and Lomb has an article on the importance of regular eye exams, including what you can expect at your next checkup.

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