Tips for Taking Care of Your New Prescription Eyewear

Your eyes are two of your most valuable assets, which is why you should support them by taking good care of your prescription eyewear. If you find yourself frequently visiting the ophthalmologist’s office to replace broken frames or missing eyeglasses, it’s time to reassess your storage methods. It’s also a good idea to ask your ophthalmologist whether you’re cleaning your eyeglasses properly. Ophthalmologists recommend scratch-resistant lenses, but these eyeglasses are still prone to scratches if you clean them improperly. Prevent these issues by following these tips for caring for your eyeglasses.

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Keep Them Clean

Keep your eyeglasses clean to ensure clear, sharp vision. Your ophthalmologist’s office staff might recommend a particular eyeglass cleaner; otherwise, clean the lenses gently under warm, soapy water. Rinse them thoroughly and dry them with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Never use any other materials, including paper towels or tissues, as these materials can cause scratches.

Store Them Properly

When you’re not wearing your eyeglasses, use a hard-shell case to store them . Avoid using soft cases, as they will make your eyeglasses more vulnerable to damage. If you set your glasses down, fold the frames and position them so that the lenses are facing up. You should never leave your eyeglasses in a hot car. If you’re prone to misplacing your glasses, always keep the case in the same place in your home.

Adjust Them As Needed

Eyeglasses are susceptible to becoming misaligned—particularly when they are frequently mishandled. Avoid misalignment by using both of your hands to position your glasses on your nose, and refrain from wearing them on top of your head. If you notice your frames becoming misaligned, bring them to your ophthalmologist’s office for an adjustment.

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