A Look at How Diabetes Can Impact Your Eye Health

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be wondering how this condition will impact your current health and future wellbeing. When it comes to your vision, diabetes can have a significant impact, as the following information illustrates. With a proactive approach and consistent professional care, however, diabetes does not have to rob you of your eyesight. To learn more about the vision complications that can stem from diabetes, consult your ophthalmologist .

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Retinopathy Dangers

Diabetes makes blood sugar regulation more difficult for diabetics. In particular, it can lead to abnormally concentrated levels that impact the wellbeing of the eyes . The smaller the blood vessels, the more sensitive they are to increased blood glucose. The blood vessels in the eyes are especially susceptible to unhealthy expansion from elevated blood sugar and prone to bursting. Blindness may eventually result from this occurrence. This type of complication is called diabetic retinopathy.

Heightened Glaucoma Risk

Medical data indicates that glaucoma happens more frequently in diabetic individuals than otherwise healthy adults. Glaucoma is a condition that affects the functionality of the optic nerve. Ophthalmologists may be especially concerned with the glaucoma risk for diabetic patients because symptoms of the disease may not appear until well after the condition initially develops. For that reason, regular screenings are imperative for early glaucoma detection and treatment that can potentially slow eyesight problems.

Increased Occurrence of Cataracts

When the eye’s natural lens becomes clouded with protein deposits, a cataract develops. In general, older individuals are typically at risk for cataracts. Ophthalmologists have found that people with diabetes often suffer from this problem as well. Should cataracts become an issue, an ophthalmologist may recommend cataract surgery and artificial lens implants.

Don’t let diabetes deteriorate your eye wellness. To ensure that your vision is as healthy as it can be, call Dr. Mark Hornfeld at (646) 502-4142. Our ophthalmology practice offers comprehensive treatment options for NYC residents with cataract, glaucoma, and retinopathy issues.

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