Are You Suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome?

Are scratchy eyes a daily occurrence for you? Do you need eye drops every day to keep chronic discomfort at bay? While eye irritation may often be the result of conditions such as allergies or a cold, it frequently occurs from what ophthalmologists call dry eye syndrome. The following information provides an overview of what this common problem encompasses.

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Why Dry Eye Syndrome Occurs

Dry eye syndrome can develop from a number of physical or environment factors. It can stem from the presence of smoke, whether from a cigarette or chimney. Temporary weather patterns and long-term climate changes can also cause this problem. Hot and cold temperatures can provoke dry eye syndrome, as sufferers may seek artificial heating or air conditioning to escape uncomfortable outside conditions. Unfortunately, HVAC systems typically circulate dry air throughout the home or office, which can cause or exacerbate dry eye syndrome. In some cases, past eye treatment may induce this vision issue as well.

How Symptoms Present

In general, dry eye sufferers cite eye irritation as the primary symptom. If the eyes do not have the lubrication they require for easy vision, this lack of moisture can make everyday activities such as reading a book or watching television uncomfortable. For some people, dry eye syndrome causes symptoms similar to having a foreign object in the eye. It may impact the quality of vision as well.

What an Ophthalmologist Can Do

An accurate diagnosis is the first step toward alleviating the discomfort of dry eye syndrome. That’s why ophthalmologists encourage individuals who suffer from chronically irritated eyes to see a medical professional for their problems. Once the issue has been determined to be dry eye syndrome, an ophthalmologist can then decide the extent of treatment required, which may range from medicated drops to minimally invasive surgery.

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