What Are IOLs?

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IOLs, or intraocular lenses, are lens implants that can restore or even improve vision for individuals with cataracts. If an ophthalmologist diagnoses a patient with cataracts, he may recommend cataract surgery to take out the deteriorated natural lenses. These lenses develop a cloudy appearance due to the presence of damaged proteins. This cloudiness can greatly obscure the patient’s vision and inhibit his or her ability to see fine details.

Intraocular lenses substitute for the natural ones that the ophthalmologist removes during surgery. In some cases, these lens implants can give patients improved vision at a single distance. Medical advancements allow many patients to enjoy clear eyesight at all distances as well, should they choose multifocal lens implants. With these types of IOLs now readily available, never again do cataract sufferers have to contend with impaired vision for the rest of their lives.

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