Common Eye Health Emergencies

Scheduling exams with an ophthalmologist at least every six months allows for the early detection of vision problems, such as glaucoma and cataracts. However, certain circumstances call for an emergency visit to the ophthalmologist’s office . If you experience any abrupt changes in your vision, for example, it could signal a serious eye health problem. The following issues constitute eye health emergencies:

Common Eye Health Emergencies

Eye Injury

If you suffer from persistent or significant eye pain, redness of the eye, and decreased vision, you could have an eye injury. Sometimes, eye injuries are easily detected. For example, you could suffer trauma to the facial area if you’re involved in a vehicular accident. In other cases, they are not quite so obvious, such as when small particles of abrasive material enter your eye and scratch the cornea. If you experience an eye injury, avoid rubbing the eye. Instead, have someone take you to the ophthalmologist’s office right away.

Vision Loss

Sudden vision loss is a possible complication of an eye injury; however, it may also indicate other eye health problems. One of the possible conditions it may indicate is retinal detachment, which occurs when the tissue located at the back of the eye becomes separated from the blood vessels. These blood vessels are necessary to provide the retina with nutrients and oxygen. Another symptom of retinal detachment is flashes of light in your vision . If there is a possibility you’re experiencing retinal detachment, time is of the essence. The sooner an ophthalmologist can treat you, the better your chances are of recovering your vision.

Eye Inflammation

Falling asleep while wearing contact lenses is a common problem for many. Unfortunately, it can sometimes lead to a corneal ulcer, which is an open sore on the cornea often caused by an infection or severely dry eyes. If you wake up with painful, red eyes that are sensitive to the light, see an ophthalmologist to reduce your risk of corneal scarring.

If you experience abrupt changes in your vision or other significant eye health concerns, we encourage you to call the office of Dr. Mark Hornfeld , ophthalmologist. Dr. Hornfeld’s ophthalmology practice in NYC offers a range of procedures to correct vision problems using cutting-edge medical technology. If you have any questions, give us a call at (646) 502-4142.

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