Understanding Eye Floaters

Woman's eye

If you’ve noticed small, moving specks or imperfections in your vision, you likely have eye floaters. These typically appear as very small, dark spots; however, some people report seeing floaters in the shapes of strings or cobwebs. As you shift your gaze, the floaters move in your field of vision. In most cases, eye floaters develop as the vitreous within the eyes changes in consistency. You’re more likely to see eye floaters if you have diabetes, if you’re over the age of 50, or if you’re nearsighted.

In certain circumstances, eye floaters may indicate a more serious underlying problem that necessitates an emergency trip to the ophthalmologist’s office. If you experience an abrupt increase in floaters, see flashes of light, or suffer from the sudden loss of peripheral vision, see an ophthalmologist right away, as these could be symptoms of retinal detachment.

Even when they’re not an emergency, eye floaters can be bothersome. Explore your eye floater treatment options at the NYC office of Dr. Mark Hornfeld. You can contact us at (646) 502-4142 or visit our website to learn more about our ophthalmologic services.

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