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Blog Posts in October, 2013

Exploring the Uses, Benefits, and Procedural Steps for LASIK Surgery

Laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is a widely used vision correction procedure. In fact, over two million people have already benefited from LASIK surgery. Thanks to advances in the field, ...
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Mark Hornfeld DO Describes the Ocular Response Analyzer

Have you ever wondered why you have to get a puff of air blown in your eye during an eye exam? Watch as Dr. Hornfeld explains the reasons and uses for using the ocular response analyzer in this video: ...
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See Dr. Hornfeld Talk about VESI

Volunteer Eye Surgeons International (VESI) is a non-profit organization that has been striving to improve vision for those in underserved communities since 1986. Volunteer doctors with VESI have ...
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Specular Microscopy Machine Explained

Do you know what a specular microscopy machine is? Watch as Dr. Hornfeld explains this machine and what it's used for: If you're considering cataract surgery, Dr. Mark Hornfeld might use this ...
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Take a Tour of our Office!

We want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible when you make an appointment with us. Take a tour with Dr. Hornfeld in this video to see what to expect during your visit! For more ...
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A Look at How Diabetes Can Impact Your Eye Health

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be wondering how this condition will impact your current health and future wellbeing. When it comes to your vision, diabetes can have a significant ...
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What is Optical Coherence Tomography?

Watch Dr. Hornfeld explain the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine and some of its uses and benefits in this video: For more information about Dr. Mark Hornfeld, visit our website, and make an ...
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What Are IOLs?

IOLs, or intraocular lenses, are lens implants that can restore or even improve vision for individuals with cataracts. If an ophthalmologist diagnoses a patient with cataracts, he may recommend ...
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Are You Suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome?

Are scratchy eyes a daily occurrence for you? Do you need eye drops every day to keep chronic discomfort at bay? While eye irritation may often be the result of conditions such as allergies or a cold, ...
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