A Closer Look at the Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Man looking through keyhole

In its early stages, age-related macular degeneration is usually hard to detect. For most people, the first sign of macular degeneration is noticing distortion when looking at straight lines, which can gradually lead to loss of central vision. In addition, blurry areas or white out may begin to appear in the center of someone’s vision.

Generally, people over the age 45 should schedule a complete eye exam and follow-up exam every two to four years. During this exam, the ophthalmologist can screen for early signs of macular degeneration. People who have already been diagnosed with macular degeneration should monitor their vision each day, notifying their ophthalmologist when different symptoms appear or worsen. For example, when someone’s central vision becomes distorted or his or her color perception changes, he or she should contact an ophthalmologist.

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