Essential Eye Care Tips

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Your eyes allow you to enjoy art, complete work, and take part in everyday activities. Caring for your eyes is an important part of preserving your vision and your overall health. Keep reading to discover a few easy eye care tips recommended by ophthalmologists that have a big impact on the health and comfort of your eyes.

Wear Protection

Protecting your eyes from injury and exposure to sun and weather is an important step in maintaining good eye health. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses to reduce exposure to damaging solar radiation, which has been linked to conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. If you play sports or work in construction, manufacturing, or another profession that puts your eyes at risk, wear protective lenses to shield your eyes from debris, falls, and other accidents.

Treat Minor Conditions Promptly

Minor conditions such as dry eyes and eye infections can occur from time to time, even in healthy eyes. However, even minor problems can escalate into larger ones without proper treatment. You could incur long-term damage to your eyes if you ignore dryness, irritation, or infection. Treat these conditions promptly to restore eye health and reduce the risk of complications.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is associated with a number of negative health effects, including damage to the eyes. Smokers are at higher risk for certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma. If you are a smoker, contact your physician or ophthalmologist for help to quit your habit for better eye health.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Many eye conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma, slowly worsen over time and do not cause immediately noticeable symptoms. Your ophthalmologist will evaluate your vision and examine your eyes during each visit to find and treat these problems before they cause permanent changes in your vision.

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