What Is Nearsightedness?

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Nearsightedness – or myopia – is a very common vision problem. People who are nearsighted can see fine up close but struggle to see things in the distance. It often runs in families, and in some cases, it gets worse with age. Nearsightedness can be treated with glasses, contacts, or refractive surgery.

Nearsightedness is caused by a cornea that is curved too much or an eyeball that is too long. These malformations don’t allow light entering the eye to focus correctly. As a result, images focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it. People with untreated nearsightedness often have frequent headaches and find that they have to squint and strain to see. They may also become fatigued while driving or playing sports. Nearsighted children often struggle to see the board at school.

Glasses and contacts can correct nearsightedness, but why not consider a permanent solution like LASIK? Find out if LASIK is the right choice for you by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mark Hornfeld. You can make an appointment at our NYC ophthalmologist’s office by calling (646) 681-3100.

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