What Is Diabetic Eye Disease?

Young woman applying eyes drops

f you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then it is imperative that you discuss your medical condition with your NYC ophthalmologist, Dr. Mark Hornfeld. As Dr. Hornfeld will share with you, diabetes can lead to a number of problems when it comes to your vision, such diabetic eye disease. The most common symptoms of this condition include pain in the eyes, reduced peripheral vision, blurry vision, and floating spots. These symptoms are caused when elevated blood sugar levels gradually wear down blood vessels in the retina, compromising the eye’s ability to focus on the image in front of it.

Treatment for diabetic eye disease may include a retina laser procedure to attempt to halt progression of the disease. No matter how compromised your vision is, Dr. Mark Hornfeld can assess your health and prescribe the best treatment plan for your needs. To learn more about our ophthalmologist and his services, call Dr. Hornfeld’s office today at (646) 681-3100.

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