Common Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome Nobody likes having dry eyes, but luckily your ophthalmologist in New York can help you find relief! Meeting with an eye doctor is the best way to figure out what is causing your dry eyes and how to stop or help the problem. Read about common causes of dry eyes before scheduling an appointment with an eye specialist:

Getting Older

Unfortunately, aging is one of the most common causes of dry eyes. People often experience dry eyes as they get older, with some suffering worse than others. Most people aged 65 and older suffer from dry eyes at varying degrees of severity. Artificial tear solutions can provide comfort for patients with mild dry eyes.

Taking Certain Medications

If your eyes feel dried out on a regular basis, it might be due to medications you take regularly. There are a variety of medications that affect how the eye produces tears, resulting in dry eyes that can feel itchy and irritated. Medications that cause dry eyes include antidepressants, decongestants, antihistamines, and blood pressure medications. An eye doctor can help you determine if your medications are causing your dry eyes.

Exposure to Certain Environmental Factors

Weather conditions and other environmental factors can have a serious impact on eye moisture. If you are regularly exposed to wind or dry weather, you might experience faster tear evaporation that makes eyes feel dry. Smoking or staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can also dry your eyes out, making them feel strained and irritated.

Suffering from Specific Medical Conditions

People who suffer from certain medical conditions tend to have a higher risk of suffering from dry eyes, as well. Medical conditions that can have this effect include thyroid problems, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Conditions that affect the eyelids can also result in dry eyes.

Dr. Mark Hornfeld can help you learn more about the causes of dry eye syndrome. Contact our office today at (646) 350-3391 to schedule an appointment to discuss dry eyes or other eye problems that concern you!

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