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Blog Posts in April, 2014

Understanding Your Glaucoma Treatment Options

Glaucoma is one of the top two leading causes of blindness among American adults. This condition causes elevated pressure inside the eye, which damages the optic nerve and affects vision. There are a ...
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How to Choose the Right Ophthalmologist for Your Needs

Ophthalmologists offer a range of eye health services that include routine eye exams, management of eye diseases, and surgery to improve eyesight or treat certain conditions. Choosing the right ...
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Eye Care Tips for Children

Your child’s eyes will serve him for life. Taking steps to protect his eye health and vision will reduce his risk of eye diseases now and in the future. Especially if your family has a history ...
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Are You At Risk for Macular Degeneration?

Age-related macular degeneration, also called AMD, causes vision loss as the central portion of the retina of your eye deteriorates. Understanding the risk factors for macular degeneration can help ...
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