Treatment Options for Glaucoma

Glaucoma treatment Many people fear glaucoma because this condition can cause blindness. However, with consistent glaucoma treatment in New York, this disease is manageable. One reason why eye doctors stress the importance of regular eye examinations is because glaucoma can cause significant eye damage before it begins to actually impact vision. A glaucoma test can alert an ophthalmologist to this condition in its early stages and facilitate treatment that slows the progression of vision complications.

Topical Care

When glaucoma is found early, an ophthalmologist might recommend only eye drops for patients. This type of glaucoma management entails the use of daily drops that can reduce the fluid buildup in the eyes that causes optic nerve damage. Taking eye drops as advised is central to minimizing the effects of glaucoma.

Oral Medication

If patients are uncomfortable using eye drops, or if the effects of glaucoma continue to progress, oral medication might be the next course of action. Like topical care, oral medication can minimize the primary issue with glaucoma: fluid pressure on the optic nerve. To be effective, though, any prescribed pills must be taken according to their directions. Patients should also keep up with their eye doctor appointments to make sure that their oral medication is having a positive impact on slowing the advancement of their glaucoma.

Surgical Procedures

In some cases, an ophthalmologist might decide that more extensive measures, such as surgery, must be taken to ease fluid accumulation in the eyes. Medical advancements make it easy to carry out this treatment with minimally invasive means. Laser technology now allows eye doctors to safely and quickly enlarge the ducts in the eyes that normally carry out excess fluid. This procedure can prove integral to successful glaucoma management when more conservative measures are not sufficient.

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