Breaking Down Common Misconceptions about LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is a safe and effective way to correct vision problems due to nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. The surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist, who reshapes the cornea using a laser for effective vision correction. However, there are a few common misconceptions about this surgery, such as the ones listed below. If you’re suffering from vision issues, find an eye specialist who can perform LASIK eye surgery in New York .

Breaking Down Common Misconceptions about LASIK Misconception: LASIK Is Painful

Very little pain is associated with LASIK surgery . Your ophthalmologist will use numbing drops on your eyes prior to surgery, and can give you medication to help you relax. It is often performed as a bladeless surgery requiring no cutting, stitches, or bandages. The surgery takes approximately 15 minutes for each eye, and though you may feel some slight pressure, you will feel no pain.

Misconception: LASIK Is Unsafe

Ophthalmologists have been performing LASIK surgery in the United States since 1987, and have only improved and perfected the technique since then. LASIK eye surgery is only performed on the front of each eye, making it a minimally invasive outpatient procedure with few complications or side effects. The surgery may result in temporary dry eye syndrome, but that is the most serious side effect you will notice. Any discomfort you feel post-surgery should disappear within 24-48 hours. Very rare side effects include a temporary sensitivity to glare, a halo effect around light sources, and trouble seeing at night.

Misconception: LASIK Is Unsuccessful

The majority of patients have vastly improved vision after LASIK eye surgery. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, or if your vision changes as you age, adjustments can be made to further correct your vision. Most people find that they are far less dependent on glasses or contact lenses to achieve perfect vision, and some LASIK patients no longer need corrective lenses at all.

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