Deciding If You Should Have LASIK Surgery

Deciding If You Should Have LASIK Surgery

If you need corrective eyewear and are looking for a way to restore your vision and eliminate that need, you may be interested in undergoing LASIK surgery in New York . LASIK surgery is a type of refractive surgery that seeks to permanently correct vision by reshaping the cornea. It is an incredible technological advance in the realm of eye surgery, but it isn’t appropriate for everyone. In addition to speaking with your ophthalmologist, take a look at the information below to learn if LASIK might be right for you.

Realistic Goals and Understanding

LASIK surgery has become so common that many people fail to fully realize that it is still surgery. As such, it does come with some risks, even if those risks are minimal. Additionally, most people who are good candidates for LASIK eye surgery do achieve very good results, but restoring perfect vision is not always realistic or possible. Your eye doctor can give you a good idea of what you can reasonably expect.


LASIK candidates must have stable vision for at least a year before moving forward with surgery. It’s also important that you don’t have a career in which this type of eye surgery is specifically disallowed. Few of these positions exist anymore, but enough do that it’s worth mentioning to your eye surgeon. If you find that this is the case for you, you must decide if you’re willing to change careers in order to have the surgery.

General Health and Lifestyle

Certain health conditions, such as lupus and corneal disease, can make you a poor candidate for LASIK. Additionally, lifestyle choices that make injury to the eye more likely should be reconsidered if you plan to undergo LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK isn’t the only form of refractive surgery, so talk to your eye doctor about all of your options. For more information about LASIK, or to schedule a consultation for corrective eye surgery near New York, contact the office of Dr. Mark Hornfeld . Call (646) 350-3391 to reach us today.

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