Does LASIK Mean You Won’t Need Glasses?

Does LASIK Mean You Won't Need Glasses?

While LASIK eye surgery is highly successful with a success rate of approximately 95%, it does not always result in perfect vision. The surgery reshapes your corneas using lasers, correcting vision problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. The success of LASIK surgery therefore depends upon how your corneas respond to the lasers. If you’re considering undergoing LASIK surgery with an eye specialist near New York, read on for helpful information.

If your vision isn’t completely corrected after LASIK surgery, you can often have more work done to further correct your vision. In the interim, or if further work is not possible, you may want to wear glasses or contact lenses. Gas permeable contact lenses are often the best option, as their rigidity corrects astigmatism, resulting in much clearer vision. You may also want to consider high definition eyeglasses, which afford much sharper vision than traditional eyeglasses. In some cases, it becomes necessary to wear reading glasses due to natural vision changes that occur with age.

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