Symptoms of Cataracts to Discuss with Your Doctor

Symptoms of Cataracts to Discuss with Your Doctor

Cataracts are caused by a buildup of protein on your eye that makes the lens cloudy. Light can’t pass through the lens, which results in vision loss. Cataracts can be an inherited genetic condition, a result of an injury to the eye, or simply caused by aging. If you’re worried you may be suffering from cataracts, review the following symptoms, and then contact an eye specialist near New York for an exam.

Blurred or Double Vision

Cataracts can result in vision that is distorted, blurry, cloudy, or foggy . You may notice that you have problems driving during the day due to the sun’s glare, and problems driving at night due to the glare from headlights. This can also cause a halo effect around light sources. If a cataract affects only one of your eyes, you will have double vision in the affected eye, causing you to see a superimposed image through that eye.

Deteriorating Vision

People suffering from cataracts will have progressive nearsightedness, meaning that their capability to see into the distance ahead of them will diminish, but their ability to read things up close will remain unchanged. They might have a sudden change in their eyeglasses prescription, or may find that they no longer need to wear reading glasses.

Changed Perception of Color

If you have cataracts, you will begin to perceive colors differently, as the discolored lens of your eye acts as a filter. This may result in a fading or yellowing of colors. As the cataract grows larger, your symptoms will worsen, and your vision will become blurrier and cloudier. This will further distort the light passing through your eye, causing even more color distortion.

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