Facts You Need to Know about LASIK

Facts You Need to Know about LASIK

LASIK surgery in New York is a simple, quick procedure that should be performed by a licensed and board-certified ophthalmologist. The surgery uses a very precise laser to reshape your cornea and correct your vision. LASIK eye surgery is highly successful, but it is possible to further enhance the correction after surgery if necessary.

During corrective eye surgery, your eye doctor will numb your eyes with medicated eye drops. The procedure takes only around 10 minutes per eye, and has a success rate of approximately 96%. In just one day after your surgery, you will notice an improvement in your vision. The surgery causes little discomfort and requires almost no downtime.

If you’re interested in LASIK eye surgery in New York , set up a consultation with Mark Hornfeld, MD. Dr. Hornfeld offers free consultations, and has 15 years of experience in corrective eye surgery. Call our office today at (646) 350-3391 to find out more about LASIK surgery, glaucoma management, and our other eye care services.

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