LASIK 101: Eye-Opening Information Every Patient Needs to Know

LASIK 101: Eye-Opening Information Every Patient Needs to Know

Have you wished there was a way to permanently fix your eyesight and rid yourself of having to wear corrective glasses or contacts? You likely have heard of LASIK surgery , and know that it is a way to achieve better vision. Just as you would prepare yourself for any surgical procedure, it is important to understand what the surgery is and what it can do. To help you make the decision, check out this overview of LASIK surgery.

How the Surgery Works

LASIK surgery is a two-part procedure. An eye surgeon will first use a laser or blade to create a flap on the top layer of the cornea. This exposes the middle section of the cornea. A second laser is used to reshape the cornea. The way the cornea is reshaped is based on each patient and his or her specific needs. After the reshaping of the cornea, the flap is folded back into place. The incision heals itself over time.

If You Are a Candidate for LASIK

Most adults over the age of 18 are candidates for LASIK. The procedure has the best results on patients who have a stabilized prescription, thus making patients under the age of 18 unlikely surgical candidates. Patients should be in good overall health before undergoing surgery. LASIK is generally used for common eye problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. If you have a more complex vision problem, LASIK may not be the solution for you.

What the Risks of LASIK Surgery Are

While LASIK is a relatively straightforward procedure that boasts positive results, there is always a chance that it may not work. This could leave you with the possibility of having to continue wearing glasses or contacts. It is important to understand that LASIK surgery is still surgery, and complications can occur.

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