How Does Age Impact LASIK Surgery?

how does age impact lasik surgery

Have you been considering LASIK eye surgery in New York but are worried that you are simply too old? Contrary to popular belief, ophthalmologists regularly perform LASIK surgery on adults of all ages, including senior patients. However, age can affect an individual’s LASIK candidacy, so it is wise to discuss corrective eye surgery with your eye doctor sooner rather than later. Always consult directly with an ophthalmologist to discuss your specific needs, and keep reading to learn how overall health, dry eyes, and cataracts can affect LASIK candidacy.

Poor Health

While there is no upper age limit for LASIK surgery, the overall health of a patient must always be taken into account. As people age, they are simply more likely to have health problems that make any elective surgery inadvisable. Additionally, eye doctors often note that aging patients are more likely to experience declining vision. It is essential for a LASIK surgery patient to have a stable prescription. If a patient has not had the same prescription for at least one year, LASIK is not a good option.

Dry Eyes

Seniors are more likely to experience dry eye symptoms, and eye doctors generally do not recommend LASIK for patients suffering from severe dry eyes, depending on the underlying cause. Both the quality and the quantity of tears you produce affect healing after LASIK eye surgery. However, if your eye doctor is able to treat your dry eyes, you may still be a LASIK candidate.


After age 60, a patient’s risk of experiencing cataracts increases. A cataract affects the lens of the patient’s eye, causing cloudiness and vision loss. If a patient begins to develop cataracts, an ophthalmologist will generally not recommend LASIK surgery. Instead, the eye doctor may perform cataract surgery and place an intraocular lens to improve the patient’s vision.

If you are considering LASIK surgery in the NYC area, contact Dr. Mark Hornfeld by calling (212) 580-8881. Dr. Hornfeld regularly performs LASIK eye surgery on men and women of all ages and can also correct dry eye syndrome and provide treatment for cataracts.

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