What Does Turning 40 Mean for Your Eyes?

As an ophthalmologist can attest, many men and women experience vision complications after age 40. Fortunately, your ophthalmologist can help lessen many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with shifts in your vision and ocular health.

After 40, almost everyone experiences presbyopia. Presbyopia can be diagnosed by an eye doctor and is often caused by a loss of elasticity in the eye’s lens, which leads to farsightedness. Men and women over age 40 are also more likely to experience dry eye syndrome, as the eyes produce fewer tears with age.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms of dry eye syndrome, want to learn about LASIK eye surgery , or simply need to have your vision evaluated by an eye doctor, contact the NYC office of Dr. Mark Hornfeld today. Dr. Hornfeld is an eye specialist who works with patients of all ages to maintain the best ocular health. Call (212) 580-8881 for an appointment.

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