A Look at IntraLase Cataract Surgery

A Look at IntraLase Cataract Surgery

If your eye doctor or ophthalmologist has recently diagnosed you with cataracts, you might want to learn more about what treatments for cataracts are most effective. Cataract eye surgery remains one of the safest and most effective treatments for cataracts available. IntraLase cataract surgery is a method of laser eye surgery that removes the clouded lens from the eye using a highly precise and safe medical laser.

Because the IntraLase medical laser is blade-free, your risk of complications, pain, and side effects is significantly lowered. As the laser makes incisions, the heat from the laser immediately sterilizes the area, preventing infection and promoting healing. Once your eye doctor removes your damaged lens using the IntraLase medical laser, he will replace the lens with a high-tech lens implant. This implant is known as permanent intraocular lens implant.

If you’re interested in learning more about IntraLase cataract surgery and other treatments for cataracts in New York , come see us at the office of Dr. Mark Hornfeld. Our experienced ophthalmologists can determine which treatment option is the best choice for your cataracts. To schedule an appointment with an eye specialist, call us today at (212) 580-8881.

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