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Blog Posts in April, 2016

How Lasik Works

Thinking about getting Lasik eye surgery to correct your vision? While you may be excited about the prospect of giving up glasses and contacts for good, you may be nervous about undergoing surgery. ...
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Services Offered by Dr. Mark Hornfield

Dr. Hornfield is an ophthalmologist offering a wide range of services for your eye health needs. In addition to basic eye examinations, the eye doctors at Dr. Hornfield’s office can help you ...
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What is Macular Degeneration?

Have you recently spoken to your ophthalmologist about macular degeneration ? Macular degeneration is the main cause of vision loss in Americans over 60 years old. This condition is the irreversible ...
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Getting the Facts About Cataract Surgery

If you’re considering eye cataract surgery after a visit to the ophthalmologist, you may have some questions about what this type of surgery entails. A cataract is a condition that causes the ...
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