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Blog Posts in March, 2016

Preparing for Your Eye Exam

If you’re visiting a new eye doctor for an eye exam or vision test, you might be wondering what to expect. Your ophthalmologist or eye specialist can perform a routine vision test, and examine ...
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Answers to Questions About Glaucoma

Without proper glaucoma treatment and glaucoma management, you may be at risk for significant eye health complications, including blindness. Many people don’t understand the causes, symptoms, or ...
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A Look at IntraLase Cataract Surgery

If your eye doctor or ophthalmologist has recently diagnosed you with cataracts, you might want to learn more about what treatments for cataracts are most effective. Cataract eye surgery remains one ...
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Eye Exercise Tips

The next time you visit your eye doctor, you should ask him to recommend eye exercises that can improve flexibility and help you maintain eye health. It’s important to visit an ophthalmologist ...
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What Is High Tech IOL?

IOLs, or intraocular lenses, are often recommended by an ophthalmologist as an effective treatment for cataracts in New York. In addition to correcting vision problems and cloudy lenses caused by ...
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