Cataract Surgery by Dr. Mark Hornfeld, MD

Have cataracts been clouding your vision?

The eye lens is used by the body to focus light on the eye’s retina and produce clear images. Naturally, your eye lens is clear however cataracts could cause cloudy vision. This clouding inhibits light from passing through the lens and results in blurry, poor vision.

Cataracts can cause the following conditions:

  • Hinder your ability to drive safely, especially at night
  • Make reading for work or pleasure difficult
  • Eventually lead to blindness

The best approach to correcting this problem is to contact an eye doctor that is experienced with cataract surgery. Dr. Mark Hornfeld utilizes the latest technology when performing cataract surgery. Our use of technologically advanced equipment coupled with our team’s exceptionally skilled technique helps us to obtain incredibly accurate eye surgery results. In many cases, once the cloudy lens is removed it will be permanently replaced by an IOL (intraocular lens).

If you are ready to address your cataract problem and want to learn more about eye surgery options, call Dr. Mark Hornfeld today at (212) 580-8881 and make an appointment for your free consultation!

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